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Ambassador of Agra`s heritage & Indispensable For Agra Sightseeing – The Taj Mahal Tour Guide

Tour Guide Agra is absolutely indispensable for holistic sightseeing of Agra which is world famous tourist destination. Culture heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community & passed on from lineage to preserve antecedents , including customs , practices , places , objects , artistic expressions & craftsmenship. The Taj Mahal is a astonishing epitome of India’s rich glory and it is commissioned by UNESCO a World Heritage site in 1983, it also enjoy the tag of one of the world’s most prominent structures Agra city is flooded with domestic & inbound travellers as the Taj Mahal is cynosure of Indian Tourism in world which was commissioned in 1631 by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan to preserve mortal remains of his graceful wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Even in summer which is off peak season & soaring mercury which break heat waves records in the city, has not deterred Indian & Foreign tourists from visiting Taj Mahal.As per available records of Taj Mahal tickets sale from booking windows & online sale of tickets, 18,500 tourists on average are visiting the 17th century monuments every day even on days when temperature crosses the benchmark of 47 degree celcius . After successful trial run of turnstile gates, the 3 hours time restrictions for tourist visiting Taj Mahal has been implemented on 09 June 2019. Its Construction took almost 22-years period time & it is situated on the right bank of the Yamuna River which orginate from glacier Yamnotri.

It is one of the most outstanding Mughal era edifice, which combined construction designs of Indian, Persian and Islamic antecedents. The Taj Mahal tour guide can complete your Taj Mahal sightseeing in 1 hours 45 minutes approximately. Generally Tour Guide for Taj Mahal advise theirs clients to visit Taj Mahal either at Sunrise or Sunset because during this time travellers can enjoy changes in color of Taj Mahal. Also at dawn time, crowd at Taj Mahal is less so it is preferable time for sightseeing Taj Mahal. In summer most tourist visit Taj Mahal either in morning hours or after 3 pm mainly in months of may, june & july.

Your Agra tour guide will assist you in buying your admission tickets for Taj Mahal otherwise you can book it online. Inside Taj Mahal there is restrictions of lot of items to carried inside like ciggratte , food , charger , fruits etc, in this regard your tour guide for Taj Mahal will advise you scrupulously. There are some fantastic spots inside Taj Mahal for photography & your Tour Guide Taj Mahal will not only advise you those points like Lady Diana Seat, Sunrise point etc but will also assist in photography.

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